Spectrum 101

Spectrum 101 is SMA's online video archive. We post video lessons of all of the techniques we teach at our academy!

"Why Spectrum 101?"

Spectrum 101 is an AWESOME tool for at home practice or on-the-go review! We LOVE providing value for our students! In Spectrum 101 you will find:

  • Kids Curriculum
  • Adult Curriculum
  • Defense-Fit Curriculum
  • And Much, Much More!

We encourage you to watch a FREE video of one of the HOURS of footage we have in Spectrum 101!

How much do you think it would cost per month to have all of SMA's curriculum at your fingertips? Twenty dollars? Fifty dollars? How about one hundred dollars? ...

Try $5.

That's right! You can gain access to the Spectrum 101 video archive for 5 dollars a month!

We are constantly putting forth time and effort to provide the best possible service and value for our customers. We hope that you enjoy this new service we are offering to you! Below you can sign up for access to Spectrum 101.

Thank you for your support,

Coaches Ray and Seth Miller

Before you sign up, please note: You will need a Google email (gmail) account to access the Google Document with all of the videos! You can sign up for a gmail account here (it's totally free!!):