Monthly Women's Self-Defense Workshop | September 2018

We invite you to take this beginner's workshop focusing on women's self-defense! This workshop is offered on the last Saturday of every month and covers all forms of self-defense for women! This month's date and time will be 9/29 from 2:00 - 3:30!

Any women ages 13+ are welcome to attend. Come learn some of the essentials of personal defense. Tell someone you know to come and discover the empowerment that comes with physical training and awareness!

This monthly workshop is only $10. You can pay and RSVP online, with a coach, or with our app (SMA Go)!
The purpose of these monthly workshops will be to introduce the concepts of our classes in a setting just for beginners and offer individuals who can't make it to our weekly classes a chance to train! We will cover many of the most basic key techniques. This way, you and the community at large will start learn how we do things here at SMA. A brand new world is waiting!

See you on the mat!
Coaches Ray and Seth Miller

Raymond MillerComment