Academy Memberships

After your free trial class you may be interested in how the programs we offer break down:

SMA offers two affordable membership packages. These are designed to allow students to choose between different price points depending on schedule and ambition. 

We feature a basic membership that might allow new students to experience martial arts in a way that is geared towards a tight schedule. Our full membership is the standard for most of our academy. It gives the student access to more classes and more opportunities!  We also offer family discounts for family that wants to train together!

academy rules

Tips for Parents

1. Be encouraging.

2. Stay calm.

3. Don’t fret over bumps and bruises.

4. Help your child be prepared.

5. Let the instructor do the coaching.

6. Lead by example.

7. Help them avoid junk food, encourage a healthy diet.

8. Remember your commitments to them.

9. Don’t push too hard.

10. If you have a complaint, bring it to the instructor; don’t burden your child with it.

11. Focus on the positives.

12. During class remember: it’s about them, not you.

13. Don’t argue with other parents.

14. Don’t do anything that would make your child not want to go to martial arts class.

15. Martial Arts for kids should be fun, don’t forget that!

Academy Rules

I. Be Respectful

1. Always address any instructor as “Coach *name*”

2. Absolutely NO coaching your children or other students during class.

3. Talking should be kept to a minimum level for students, parents and siblings before, during and after classes.

4. No shoes, food, or drinks on the mat.

5. Except for emergencies, do not distract or talk to a Coach when they are teaching class.

II. Be Responsible

1. Doors open 15 minutes before class.

2. Do not wear your gi top or belt outside of the academy or wear street clothes other than t-shirts under your gi.

3. All training gear and bags should be left in the cubbies or lounge, not around the training area.

4. All jewelry, piercings, necklaces, glasses and other items should be removed during training.

III. Be Healthy

1. No foul language inside the school.

2. Keep feet clean. No dirty feet on the mat. Wear shoes to the restroom. Wipe feet if needed.

3. If you are sick or injured inform the Coach as soon as possible.

4. Keep long hair tied up neatly.

5. Keep fingernails and toenails neatly trimmed.

6. The uniform and belt must be clean at all times.

IV. Be Dedicated

1. During class, when the instructor is demonstrating the techniques, every student must sit in good posture and watch diligently.

2. Do not leave the mat area without permission from the coach.

3. SMA students may not wear any other school/affiliation patches for training.

V. Be Humble

1. Don’t sweat the hard times, failures, bumps or bruises.

2. Leave your life’s problems in your shoes.

∞. At SMA You Win or You Learn.