Spectrum Martial Arts Academy
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What is SMA?

  • Spectrum Martial Arts Academy

What is BJJ?

  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

What is the IBJJF?

  • International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation

What is MMA?

  • Mixed Martial Arts

What is Krav maga?

  • Self-Defense System Developed for the Israeli Defense Force

So it's karate, right?

  • No! Karate is a specific type of traditional martial art. Karate is often used as an umbrella term for all martial arts. Even schools that don't teach Karate call their martial art Karate! The martial arts we teach have been proven to beat, not only Karate and other traditional martial arts, but also all other martial arts in the world!

"The best time to start was yesterday, the next best time to start is today!"


Spectrum Martial Arts is an academy dedicated to physical empowerment and helping individuals find their potential.

SMA was founded by two teaching professionals with a background in a mixed style of martial arts. SMA is an academy founded by the Miller brothers which teaches BJJ, MMA, Kickboxing, Krav Maga, yoga and much more.

SMA has the only Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program in the area lead by an IBJJF black belt.

Inspired by their past training, Raymond and Seth, along with a team of other skilled martial artists, coaches, and trainers have arranged the most efficient and practical techniques and styles under one roof for men, women, and even kids

We seek to provide and maintain an ever-growing arsenal of the most efficient and proven techniques. The focus will remain on producing supreme martial artists, athletes, and people rather than simply a belt to show off.

Our aim is to train others to improve their mind and body by learning techniques for submission grappling, takedowns, striking, and much more - all of which focus on real world self-defense. We hope to enrich our community and we invite everyone to experience the full spectrum of martial techniques. You win or you learn!